One Of Our Own

August 2022

Megan & Antonio

Meg and Antonio

One of our own from The Flower Plant, Meg married the wonderful Antonio at Aswarby Rectory in August 2022 .

This wedding's flowers complimented the couple's eclectic personalities and style with a bit of edge thrown in there. The bouquet included pink and red roses, carnations, dahlia, phalaenopsis orchid and asparagus fern.

Photo: Rosie Kelly

Vibrant Buttonhole Groom
Vibrant Meadow Table Decorations
Groomsmen Vibrant
Vibrant Meadow Aisle

The vision for this wedding was to capture the couple's romantic, classy and gothic style.

Vibrant Meadow Staircase
Vibrant Bridesmaids Bouquet
Vibrant Meadow Staircase 2
Vibrant Groom Buttonhole
Vibrant Wedding Flowers
Bride With Bridesmaids Bouquets