You’re Tidy

I'm not being funny, we're all suckers for a good love story here and one that got us the most goose bumpy was the recent cliff hanger moment between Smithy and Nessa at the end of the Gavin and Stacey Chrimbo special! Actual tears.

So, last years Valentine's was a shout out to all you crazy beautiful lovers out there! Love comes in all shapes and sizes, here's to you and your special one, to whatever and whoever makes you happy. Our range of handtieds were playful and fun and there was 3 absolute beauts to choose from!

Love Crush - Valentine's Day Flowers

Love Crush

Hand-tied Fresh Flower Bouquet

Heart Throb - Valentine's Day Flowers

Heart Throb

Hand-tied Fresh Flower Bouquet

Bright exotic - Valentine's Day Flowers

Dream Lover

Hand-tied Fresh Flower Bouquet