Mum and Me

Mother’s Day — Sunday 31st March 2019

On this Mother’s Day we opened up the photo album and took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, flicking through old photographs of ‘Mum and Me’.

Our range of hand tied flowers was inspired by treasured moments, happy memories, times gone by, special occasions and times that may have been forgotten, if it wasn’t for the photos.

Technicolor Mother's Day Flowers

Technicolor Dreams

Hand-tied Fresh Flower Bouquet


Mono Moments

Hand-tied Fresh Flower Bouquet

Memory Lane Mother's Day Flower Bouquet

Memory Lane

Hand-tied Fresh Flower Bouquet

Mum and Me polaroid window

We launched our shop window, which was full of happy memories!

The bottom-middle 'polaroid' was a digital slideshow, showing images of 'Mum and Me'.

We even gave our customers the option to have their 'Mum and Me' photo featured in our window, which was hugely popular.


Adding a Polaroid to your Order

On this Mother's Day we got even more personal, we offered the option to print and attach an image of our lovely customers with their lovely mums that could then be sent out with their bouquet.